Electrical Safety In Your Home 

Each year, defective wiring or appliances cause over 12,500 fires in homes like yours, resulting in 25 deaths and over 590 injuries and 5 deaths caused by faulty electrical installations. Recent surveys show that over 2 millions homes in the UK need some kind of electrical repair. Older houses are especially at risk. There are also 2,000 injuries and 30 deaths from electrocution in the home, many of which are due to DIY and amateur repairs. That’s why the Institution of Electrical Engineers recommends that home wiring installations are checked every 10 years. 

Increasing legislation is being enforced to try and prevent a number of accidents and deaths from faulty installations and repairs. If you live in England or Wales especially, you are now required by law to use an electrician competent to current standards, to carry out most electrical work. You are not only risking penalties, but also your life. 

The message is simple: DON’T Do-it-Yourself!

Most electrical wiring is hidden, but here are a few things which may easily be able to check yourself: 

  • Is your wiring more than 15 years old? 
  • Has it been longer than ten years since the wiring was checked? 
  • Has electrical work been carried out by amateurs and never checked? 
  • Do your plugs or sockets get hot? 
  • Do your fuses blow regularly and for no obvious reason? 
  • Do you have to use adaptors routinely to run your appliances 
  • Do your lights use the old, twisted type flex? 
  • Do you often have to use extension cables? 
  • Do you have round pin plugs and sockets?
  • Do you use electrical equipment outdoors? 
  • Stay Safe!!

  • Replace old style, dangerous fuseboxes with the latest generation, which are safer and easier to use, with mini circuit breakers to protect every circuit in the house and respond quickly to prevent the risk of danger. They can be fitted in the most convenient position for you and have extra protection through the use of RCD. 
  • Secure your home with outdoor security lighting and the latest intruder alarms to deter opportunists and reduce the risk of being affected by such crimes.
  • Outdoor electricity is just as important as indoor and can be equally as hazardous. Avoid trailing wires through windows and open doors by having weatherproof and dustproof outdoor switches and sockets fitted outside your home and in your garden.
  • Electrical tools such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers require RCD protection for your safety. There is a full range of RCD switches and sockets available. 

Services available from Lakeside Electrical Ltd for your Home:

  • Rewiring 
  • Kitchen/Bathroom alterations
  • Wiring to house extensions, conservatories, etc. 
  • Outbuilding installations 
  • Electric heating 
  • Showers 
  • Security lighting 
  • Garden lighting 
  • Garden sockets  
  • Full test and inspection reports